Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda!!!

by Chanel

I am a 27 yr old married woman with a beautiful 3 yr old son. Let me start by saying I always wanted breasts. I got my first training bra in 5th grade (I was barely a 32A). My breasts stayed this size all the way up to my first BA.

I had this surgery when I was 21, in March of 1999. I LOVED my 1st set. They were perfect. I never had any issues with them. I got 325cc's saline, and instantly went from barely 32A to a small 34 C. I was in heaven.

A few months after the birth of my beautiful son, my pleasure changed. During my pregnancy I gained 94 pounds. (Mind you, I did not have gestational diabetes-I just gained a lot of weight!). My once perfect implants went from being perky & beautiful to flat as pancakes with my nipple sitting on the bottom.

Because of this change in my breasts, I decided I desperately needed to get another set of implants with a lift PLUS a tummy tuck. I made my appointment. with my original Plastic Surgeon & had my 2nd BA in Sept. 2003. This time I switched to silicone & got 450cc's because I wanted them to feel more real (so I thought). After having my 2nd BA about two months later) I went to another P/S (who specializes in tummy tucks) to have the tummy tuck, lipo all over, and butt injections. (And they say Plastic surgery isn't addicting!) Now, I have a scar around my stomach.

As you can see in this photo my right breast now had capsular contractor & my left breast appeared to be almost a whole cup size larger.

It was like I had a D cup for my left breast and a C cup for my right. I sent these photos to my P/S & he said to come back (he is in another state) and he would fix my issue for no charge. I still had to pay for my medicine, paid the anesteologists, plane tickets, room fee, etc. but all in all I was very grateful he was willing to correct my issue. This time I decided I wanted to switch back to saline & wanted to go a little bigger so I got 575 in my right breast & 525 in my left to even the size difference.

Before surgery he explained the chances of getting capsular contractor again was very high, but in my mind I just wanted "beautiful breasts" again (just like my 1st surgery).

Apparently my body didn't agree with me. This is what I now have:

I have now had these deformed breasts for a year. At first, I really wanted to blame my P/S. Then reality took place & I had to understand that I did this to myself. I never gave myself time to heal completely, not even from my pregnancy, and while my body (prior to having a child) didn't mind foreign objects in it my body then, now it does! Each time I looked in the mirror I wanted to cry & have done so many times, but now I just laugh instead.

If I could go back in time, would I have done this?
Definitely not! I don't knock getting my BA because I really wanted those breasts for a long time. But if I had the knowledge I now personally know on the chances of anything going wrong, I would have kept my 32A's, as well as never having any other plastic surgery. At least then I would not have to deal with the constant pain & tightening (squeezing) of my breasts that I deal with every few minutes. The dents in my breast are so bad that even in clothes with lightly padded bra's you can still see them. I am also always tired ever since I got this third set of implants.

I can't say if all my issues come from my implants or not. However I can't wait to get them removed so I can TRY to not be in as much pain anymore- physically and mentally. I have an appointment on March 22, 2005. My P/S is going to remove them & possibly give me a lift. The way they look now, I will just be happy to have them out.

I am not worried about the scarring from the lift because I already have a scar that goes entirely around my waist from my tummy tuck (which doesn't help me now because of my serious weight gain). After my surgery I will more than likely look like I have a "smiley face" when I am nude (my breasts being the eyes, my new belly button being the nose & my tummy tuck scar being the smile). I am sure many people can't understand why I joke about my now mutilated body, but I do it because I know I will be even more stressed & depressed if I don't try to make light of the situation. For the sake of my son I can't live like that.

I am so grateful for this website. It has truly helped me get an idea on what's to come after my explantation & regardless of how I will look, at least I now know there is a place for me to go to converse with other woman who have learned to deal with the same issues I have now.

I promise to post my after explantation photos as soon I get them removed.


These photos below are about a month & 1/2 after my explant surgery. Needless to say, I definitely wasn't expecting this. While I am very sad & stressed that I have really 'deformed' breast (even more now than b4) I am happy I no longer have as much pain.

The 1st 3wks after surgery they looked good (no dents) but since it seems the dents in my lower breast are where my implant use to be, this area continues to shrink & shrink. It is so bad now my breasts look like they are almost in a 'M' shape.

I have decided to wait at least 6 months b4 I go to a new PS & see if anything can be done so I will no longer have to look at my now VERY deformed breasts. My original PS said he did a benali lift when he took them out. I don't know what he thought he did, but I do know they are even more disfigured. After 6 yrs & 3 BA's I guess I should have not expected too much.

I can only say I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!



I will post three month photos b4 July.